TSUKASA Tsukasa's “High performance filters & strainers” for use in facilities that handle various fluids.
We can meet your requirements for contamination control, reduction of environmental impact, cost management, and realization of compactness of facilities.
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Privacy policy

Treatment of Personal Information
Tsukasa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “we” or “the Company”) declares and ensures that we will treat information that has been or may be collected by the Company, including your full name, company name, address, phone number, e-mail address (hereinafter, “Personal Information”), under the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan, in accordance with the following policy.
We use your Personal Information only for the purposes listed below, provided that, whenever we use your Personal Information for any other purpose, we will obtain your consent in advance.
1. To send messages, as part of business activities, about the details of products and services (including new products) provided by the Company.
2. To implement a questionnaire survey for the planning and development of new products or for developing measures to improve customer services.
3. To perform daily operations, including delivery of products, the provision of after services and quotations, etc., responses to inquiries from the customer, distribution of materials.
4. Other operations associated with the activities listed above.
Sharing of Personal Information to Third Parties
We properly manage Personal Information and do not share Personal Information with any third party, except in the following circumstances, and unless Personal Information falls under the exceptions stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Japan.
1. When the Company has obtained consent from the customer in advance.
2. When the Company entrusts operation to a third party (our group company) within the scope of the purpose of use mentioned in “1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information”.
(In this case, the Company will request the third party company to firmly manage Personal Information, and supervise such party in an appropriate manner).
Secure and Proper Management of Personal Information
In storing and using Personal Information, we will take appropriate security control measures to prevent leakage, loss, falsification of Personal Information, or unauthorized access to Personal Information. The Company will also endeavor to keep Personal Information accurate and up to date to the extent that it is necessary to meet the “Purpose of Use of Personal Information”.
When you send Personal Information on our website, we protect your Personal Information using SSL (Secure Socket Layer: industry- standard security function that encrypts and transmits information online) to prevent unauthorized access by a third party and ensure security for protecting your privacy. We strive continuously to ensure security and safety by automatically encrypting Personal Information during transmission for the customer who uses an SSL-compliant browser.
Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information
If requested by you to disclose your Personal Information, we will promptly respond to the request according to a given procedure. If there is any data you would like to correct or delete, we will investigate the data concerned and take necessary measures for the correction or deletion of the data (in this case, you need to request yourself. Please understand that we will not be able to respond to the request if we cannot confirm your identity).
To protect your Personal Information retained by the Company, we comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Japan. When such laws, regulations, and guidelines are revised, we may modify this Privacy Policy accordingly.
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