TSUKASA Tsukasa's “High performance filters & strainers” for use in facilities that handle various fluids.
We can meet your requirements for contamination control, reduction of environmental impact, cost management, and realization of compactness of facilities.
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Small coin filters C/CW series Small coin filters C/CW series
Small and thin, and can be compactly built into various types of fluid devices.
Available in a range of O.D. between 5 mm and 50 mm.
High pressure resistance due to our independent construction.
Can be installed on the ports, flanges and other parts of hydraulic, pneumatic and other fluid devices.
A wide range of filters such as filters with increased filtering area (CW) and all-stainless steel filters is available to suit the method of use and also the working fluid.
Because the filtering area of the CW type is large, the passing resistance is reduced.
The screen material is stainless steel, and the case material is brass and stainless steel.
C3602 / SUS304
SUS304 / SUS316
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