TSUKASA Tsukasa's “High performance filters & strainers” for use in facilities that handle various fluids.
We can meet your requirements for contamination control, reduction of environmental impact, cost management, and realization of compactness of facilities.
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Small high-pressure line filters CL series
Precautions for use
●Do not remove the filter while pressure is applied to it.
● A valve is not installed.
When you remove the filter, fluid will leak, so be careful.
●Do not use the filter outside the specified working temperature range.
This will damage the sealing material, resulting in leakage.
●Do not use the filter in such a way that rotation is applied to it.
●Do not apply an impact, bending force or tensile force to the filter.
Failure to heed this precaution is liable to result in damage.
Small high-pressure line filters CL series
This is a high-pressure line filter intended for use at a working pressure of 20 MPa.
There is little interference in the radial direction, and space-saving design can be realized.
By connecting one end to the hose, the element can be replaced without removing the hose screw.
Maximum working pressure
Heat resistant type
Main body
SUS304 / SS400
NBR / Viton / EPDM

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