TSUKASA Tsukasa's “High performance filters & strainers” for use in facilities that handle various fluids.
We can meet your requirements for contamination control, reduction of environmental impact, cost management, and realization of compactness of facilities.
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JIS flange type strainers FL series JIS flange type strainers FL series
This disk strainer is built into a JIS10K flange.
You can install this strainer by simply clamping it between the JIS10K flanges, thus realizing filtering that requires almost no additional space in the existing tube.
The grip installed on the flange enables you to suspend the flange using one hand during maintenance, thus facilitating maintenance work.
These strainers are available in seven bores between 15 A and 65 A, and also can be ordered with either a steel or stainless steel body, thus making for an extensive lineup.
The strainer is sealed with an O-ring, realizing high filtering accuracy.
In addition to the standard NBR sealing material, optional sealing materials are FKM, CR, and EPDM.
Applicable fluid
Oil, water, etc.
Maximum working pressure
Applicable fluid
Main body
SUS304 / SS400
NBR / Viton / EPDM
※Concerning other materials, please contact us.
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