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We can meet your requirements for contamination control, reduction of environmental impact, cost management, and realization of compactness of facilities.
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Union type small line filters UF series
Precautions for use
●Do not use the filter at a pressure that exceeds the maximum working pressure.
●Do not use the filter outside the working temperature range.
Precautions to observe when installing the element
●Insert the element from the R shape side into the O-ring (so that the extraction bolt comes toward you).
●Be careful not to tighten the extraction bolt too tightly.
The screen is liable to become deformed.
Union type small line filters UF series
This filter consists of a stainless steel body and a screen, enabling it to be used with a variety of working fluids.
This filter is extremely small, realizing space saving.
Particularly, the space occupied by the filter in the radial direction is small, enabling the filter to be installed in a pipe line where there is much interference, or to be installed in an existing line.
Maintenance can be performed easily.
The filter can be dismantled in the same way as that of a union joint, and the element can be easily removed, washed and reused.
Because the body of the filter is made of stainless steel, the filter can be used with a variety of fluids depending upon the selection of the sealing material.
Maximum working pressure
Heat resistant type
(Viton -20℃~+180℃)
Main body
NBR / Viton / EPDM
※Option:Bolt for removing the element

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